Beef - Prime


  • Cut: Tenderloin Tails
  • Grade: USDA PRIME
  • Weight: 2 Tails = ~1 Pound

Coming two tails per pound, these tenderloin tails are USDA prime and wet-aged for 21+ days. The tenderness of each tail are perfect for kabobs, stews or single portion steaks. Tails can be prepared like any other filet or can be browned and slow cooked for stews. They share the same lean consistency and quality as every filet mignon.

Product is individually cryo-sealed airtight and will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

Qty Price Discount
Buy 1 $25.00 ea 0% Off
Buy 4 $23.00 ea 8% Off
Buy 8 $20.00 ea 20% Off

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