Japanese A5 Skewer Meat

Japanese A5 Skewer Meat
Japanese A5 Skewer Meat
Japanese A5 (1lb) Skewer Meat - Second City Prime

Japanese A5 Skewer Meat

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When we custom cut our A5 Flat Iron, Bavette, Ribeye or Strip we come across a lot of protein that can't be cut into perfect steaks. So we've made cubes that go perfect over any Korean BBQ setup. These incredibly rich pieces of meat can be a perfect way to introduce anyone to A5 without breaking the bank on a true formal steak.

Pair with the a skewer and enjoy!

Cut: End of the tenderloin or sirloin 

Preferred Cooking Method: Seared on a spit, then let it rest 

  • Cut: Japanese A5 Wagyu Skewer Meat
  • Beef Type: Japanese Wagyu
  • Prefecture: Miyazaki
  • Weight: 8oz Portion

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