Iberico+Berkshire Pork


Type: Pork Sausage (4 Brats per pack)

Sheboygan Brat (Original)

Simply put - its the original brat. Top with grilled onions and a tad bit of granulated mustard with a steamed bun. Sometimes it's all you need. For those who keep it simple this brats for you. And yes - they're from Wisconsin, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Jalapeno - Bacon - Cheddar

The jalapeno, bacon and cheddar bratwurst has over the years become a household favorite of backyard bbq's. These award winning sausages don't pack too much of a kick - just enough for the flavor of jalapeno. When grilled over medium-hi heat (350 degress) the cheddar begins to melt inside the pork casing creating a medley of flavors that will make your taste buds go wild.

Portobello - Mushroom - Swiss

That's right folks - mushrooms and swiss! Don't be scared - this brat is award winning and the flavors blend perfectly. The natural salt flavors of the pork draw in the flavor of mushroom and when you bite into this sausage the addition of Swiss cheese explodes in your mouth. You will NOT be disappointed.

*All Brats contain dairy

Each package contains four brats, feel free to mix a match any of the three above.

Product will ship and arrive frozen.


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