Second City Prime FAQ’s:

Q: How do you pack and ship your products?

A: We hand select every cut and make sure it’s sealed properly for shipment and exceeds our standards of quality. We then pack your order in a Second City Prime box, insulated with high-density reflective insulation to keep your product as cold as possible. Every order is packed with enough dry ice to keep the product frozen or at minimum, very cold. It’s entirely normal for dry ice to completely sublime but still keep your products cold. In the event your product thaws – no need to panic because as long as they’re below 40 degrees Fahrenheit – you’re more than welcome to refreeze or enjoy at your convenience if you intend to use within two days.

Q: How long does it take to get my Second City Prime goodies?

A: Depending on your location, our UPS free ground shipping option takes between 1-3 days. We offer 2-day or next day options as well! *Please be advised that we are the mercy of UPS, so if there is a delay we apologize for the inconvenience but please know that we pack extra dry and ice with the anticipation of a delay.

Typically, states surrounding Illinois will take 1 day to arrive (excluding rural areas of Wisconsin and Michigan) if ordered before 5pm (Monday-Friday).

Remaining states will take 2-3 days to arrive if ordered by 5pm (Monday-Friday). Orders that take 3 days will leave the following Monday if ordered between Wednesday-Friday. 

Second City Prime reserves the right to hold shipping your order if your area does not allow weekend UPS deliveries.


Q: How long are they good for in my freezer?

A: If products remain properly sealed, we guarantee our products for up to a year.

Q: How to thaw your products properly?

A: We recommend slow thawing in your refrigerator overnight, but most people (including us) tend to forget. That being said, for a faster thaw – place your products in an airtight zip lock bag and submerge in COLD water; never warm or hot. When cooking our Japanese Wagyu it’s critical to bring your steak to room temperature before searing to get the most even cook.

Q: How to dispose of dry ice?

A: We leave it outside in the box – give it a few hours and it’ll dissipate.