(14-16oz) Boneless Australian Wagyu Ribeye (Marble Score 3+)

  • Cut: Boneless Ribeye
  • Weight: 14-16oz
  • Grade: Australian Wagyu
  • Marble Score: 3+
  • Min. Order Amount: 2

This Australian Wagyu boneless ribeye is a drop cut steak from the tomahawk loin. When our butchers cut 2 inch thick tomahawk steaks they eventually come to the end of the loin where the end piece becomes "the drop." Still embracing the same flavor and texture of a tomahawk ribeye but at a lesser cost and more realistic size for a single serving. These Australian wagyu cattle are grass-fed with a barley finish, giving our clients a more health conscious alternative to the common corn finish.

This product pairs well with 'The Rub'

Product will ship and arrive frozen or partially thawed in a insulated shipping container.

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