(6oz) USDA PRIME BURGER (2 Per Pack)

  • Cut: Not just any burger - THE PRIME BURGER!
  • Grade: USDA Prime Trimmings
  • Weight: 6oz

Using our triple secret blend burger recipe of, chuck, short rib and brisket, you cannot go wrong. Made for smaller appetites at 6oz each this burger does just enough. Our blend brings out the best in the lean brisket flavor while hitting the high notes of that short rib marble. If you haven't tried the burger - wake up, it's time! These hamburgers come two per sealed pack.

Season with 'The Rub' while on the grill!

Product is individually cryo-sealed airtight and will arrive frozen or partially frozen.

Qty Price Discount
Buy 1 $13.50 ea 0% Off
Buy 5 $12.00 ea 11% Off

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