A Whole Lotta Meat for $169.95!

We want to pack your cooler, refrigerator and maybe your deep freezer. In this package you'll get:

4 - (8oz) Prime Boneless Ribeye

4 - (5oz) Prime Filet Mignon (2 Per Pack)

4 - (8oz) Wagyu Burgers

2 - (14oz) Wagyu NY Strips (Marble Score: 4+)

4 - (6oz) Amish Plain Chicken Breasts (2 Per Pack)

2.5 Pounds Berkshire Thick-cut Bacon

for $169.95

Product will ship and arrive in an insulated shipping container and will arrive frozen or partially thawed with free next day shipping for the entire Chicagoland area! Nationwide shipping also available. 

*Promo codes are not accepted for packages.