A5 Japanese Wagyu Sampler

If you've wanted to try the finer things in life or gift them to someone - this is your opportunity. This package will make anyones jaw drop and we've gotten requests to put something together that exemplifies our A5 line up.

It includes:

2 - A5 (8oz) NY Strip (Hokkaido Prefecture) 

2 - A5 (10oz) Boneless Ribeye (Miyazaki Prefecture) 

2 - A5 (6oz) Filet Mignon (Miyazaki Prefecture) 

a (2.6oz) bottle of 'The Rub' (if you feel the need to add a little flavor to the already insane beefy flavor)  

Product will ship and arrive frozen and packed with dry-ice. 

*This package will only be available if all A5 cuts are available. 


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