Berkshire Pork Lovers Special! - $130

If you haven't tried our Berkshire (12-14oz) Bone-in Pork chops, you're in for a treat! Plus we've paired them with our famous (8oz) Prime Burger and Pork Tenderloins!

You'll get:

6 - (12-14oz) Bone-in Pork Chops

2 - (16oz) Berkshire Pork Tenderloins (2 Per Pack)

6 - (8oz) Prime Burger (Made with Brisket, Short Rib + Chuck)

+ free bottle of Umami and a (2.6oz) bottle of 'The Rub'

for $130

Cooking Instructions: Marinate your pork for 30-45 minutes in our Umami Marinade. Then reverse sear your pork chops or tenderloins on a rack in the oven at 225 degrees until your internal temperature of your pork reaches 140 degrees - let it rest for 5 minutes, then sear on the grill or cast iron for 1 minute a side! That's it!

Includes FREE NEXT-DAY SHIPPING for the entire Chicago-land area + parts of Indiana and Wisconsin!

Product will ship and arrive frozen or partially thawed in an insulated shipping container.

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