Iberico Pork Lomo (Loin)

  • Cut: Boneless Iberico Pork Roast (Lomo)
  • Grade: Iberico (acorn-fed)
  • Weight: Approx. 3 Pounds
  • Feeds: 6-8 People

This very well marbled loin is top tier and comes from the same Iberico acorn-fed hogs. Super rich and flavorful in its taste; this loin only needs to be cooked to 135-140 degrees.

Our cooking suggestion is to tie your loin in 1 inch increments, then season as you wish (hold the salt) and reverse sear in the oven on an elevated rack (so air can circulate). Cook at about 200-225 degrees in the oven until you've reached your desired internal temperature of 135-140 degrees.

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