Prime Spinalis (Ribeye Cap) Roast (~2.5 Pound Average)

  • Cut: Prime Spinalis (Ribeye Cap) Roast
  • Grade: USDA PRIME
  • Weight: Order by full piece only, for smaller portions please see our 'Prime Beef' page for a (12oz) portion. Please notify us in the 'Notes' section during checkout when you'd like your cap roast delivered.
  • Full Piece: ~2.5 Pounds (Feeds 8-10 People, Approx. 4oz per person). This cut is an extremely rich and flavorful piece of beef that can also be substituted as an appetizer.
  • Please allow 2 days to process the Spinalis cut, this product will not ship next-day since they are custom cuts, please allow for a total of 3 days of processing time including delivery.

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