Portuguese Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel)14oz

Portuguese Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel)14oz
Portuguese Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel)14oz

Portuguese Sea Salt (Fleur de Sel)14oz

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A smooth tasting white sea salt from the environmentally protected salt marshes of southern Portugal, an area that has supplied the world with salt for millennia. Hand harvested and triple sea water washed for whiteness. A rare source of the full spectrum of trace minerals. Can be used to pre-season, proteins, and vegetables and can also be used as a finishing salt.


  • Traditional sea salt is a 100% natural salt, free from any chemical cleaning or additives. 
  • This salt is produced by solar evaporation in salt ponds off the coast of Portugal. This is the second layer, harvested just below the finer layer above, giving a coarser texture and briny crunch that we love on literally everything. 
  • It is raked and harvested by hand by the Marnotos (the eponymous profession of salt workers).
  • Use for dry-brining ahead or seasoning right before cooking, and definitely keep some at the table to finish on your plate. Start with 1/2-1 tsp per pound of meat. 
  • Season your pasta water with 1-2 TB Traditional Sea Salt per gallon of water. 
  • This is the same high quality salt used in The Rub 

-14oz Container

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