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Frequently Asked Questions

We want the best meals of your life to be enjoyed eating our meat and seafood. That means we’ve put thought into every step of your order, from helping you choose the right cut to helping prepare it to perfection.

Our Products

Our team took the time to research and taste test the highest quality meats from around the globe to ensure that when we say we’ve sourced the best, we mean it. We’ll never compromise on farms, grade, or cut—guaranteed.
Cut of Chilean Sea Bass from Second City Prime.

Our Products FAQs

Depending on the product, we dry age meat for 28–45 days. More information is available on each product’s individual page. 

We exclusively offer the top 2% of Prime beef, all sourced from the United States. Our Japanese Wagyu Beef is sourced from Japan and Australian Wagyu Beef is sourced from Australia. 

Our beef is grass fed, grain finished. We do not sell 100% grass-fed product.

We source our seafood from a variety of locations around the world. Specific sourcing information can be found on each product’s individual page.

Shipments & Subscriptions

All products are available to order à la carte or through subscription and ship from Chicago, IL. Depending on your location, some orders may require longer shipping times. Orders placed after 5pm CST on Tuesdays that require 3–4 days to ship will be held by our team until the following Monday.
Midwest deliveries ship in 1-2 days. East Coast deliveries ship in 2-3 days. West Coast deliveries ship in 3-4 days.

Shipments & Subscriptions FAQs


We pack your order in a biodegradable, insulated shipping container with frozen-solid 48 oz. ice packs and dry ice. We’ve rigorously tested this process and found that the best way to avoid damage in the event of a shipping delay is to package both. The dry ice keeps your items frozen, and with the off chance of a delay, the ice pack will carry over the frozen temperature until it arrives at your destination. 

All our products are flash frozen at peak freshness and shipped frozen. We pack enough ice packs and dry ice to ensure that your product comes frozen regardless of shipping times.

Unfortunately, we do not ship outside of the United States.

Yes, you can pay for expedited shipping on orders for earlier deliveries.

Only orders of seasonings or marinade require a $50 minimum for shipping.


We use Seal Subscriptions to power our subscription platform. For additional details on how subscriptions work, please reference the Seal Subscriptions website.

Subscriptions provide a variety of benefits, including cost savings and the ease of not having to consistently re-order your favorite products. Subscriptions allow you to automatically receive products on a set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis without any additional effort on your part.

Unpacking & Storage

When unpacking your order, open your box and be cautious of any remaining dry ice. Avoid touching the dry ice with bare skin and, using a glove or the bag it came in, move it outside and let it dissipate for a few hours. Store your products in the freezer if you do not intend to use them within two days.
Use refrigerated products in 1-2 days. In the freezer beef, pork and lamb are good for 1 year. Seafood is good for 3-4 months

Unpacking & Storage FAQs

Don’t worry! If the product is still cold to the touch and under 40 degrees, you’re in the clear. We advise that you freeze immediately (and only the one time more) if this occurs.  

If your order is over 40 degrees in temperature and is warm to the touch, give us a call or email! We’ll take care of it. Please be sure to take a few pictures of the damaged product and include the temperature if possible.   

Our team is here for you and our one mission is for you to be ecstatic about your order. Take pictures of the damaged product, send the photos to, and we’ll ship out a replacement order once we’ve verified the damage.

Once products have been shipped to a destination and have departed our warehouse facility we cannot accept returns, as they have been handled by someone outside our facility and cannot be guaranteed as safely handled. If your product is damaged during shipment or does not arrive to your satisfaction, we will do absolutely work with you to find a solution.

Please communicate with for any issues that may arise.

Do not let dry ice touch your bare skin, as it will burn you. Use a glove to take it outside or keep it in the box and take the entire box outside until it dissipates.

Dry ice will sometimes dissipate entirely while your order is still in transit, but the temperature of the package’s interior is still very cold. Don’t worry, the contents of your order are perfectly fine—enjoy!  

As long as the packaging has not been punctured or damaged, beef, pork, and lamb are guaranteed up to one year stored in the freezer. Seafood is guaranteed for 3–6 months in the freezer.

Thawing & Cooking

We recommend slow thawing your product on a plate in the refrigerator overnight. If thawing overnight is not an option, thaw in cold water. Seal your product in a plastic zip-lock bag before submerging in water in case punctures to the product have occurred due to transit or contact with other products in your freezer. Slight punctures do not affect the integrity of the product.  

When it’s time to get cooking, be sure to reference our recommended methods for preparation.