Cut of salmon from Second City Prime.Cut of salmon from Second City Prime.

In Relentless Pursuit of the World’s Best

In sourcing the world’s best meat and seafood, we’re driven by a reverence for originality. That bona fide meat you can’t find in the butcher aisle. The meat that’s made a mark on history. Our team goes the extra mile to find it, and we take it an extra mile more to deliver the best service.

Established in America’s Original Meatpacking Capital

Illustration of the famous Second City Prime truck.

In Partnership with Masters of the Craft

We have high standards when it comes to our partnerships, because you have high standards when it comes to your meat. Only top-quality products, sourced from their places of origin, cut and caught by the industry’s best. Because in one bite you’ll agree: You know original when you taste it.

Rangers Valley Wagyu Beef
Aljomar Spanish Iberico Pork
Domestic Superior Farm Lamb
Meyer Ranch Prime Beef

From Placing Your Order to Plating It

Every step of your Second City Prime experience is carefully crafted to be simple, convenient, and enjoyable. Explore our frequently asked questions to learn more about ordering, shipping, unboxing, thawing, and preparation.

A cut of Prime Bone-in Filet from Second City Prime with herbs and spices. Text reads

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your products, we want to know about it—and make it right.

Let us know if your order is lost, damaged, or incorrect, or reach out should you have any questions about how to prepare your products. The team is always here to help.

We call it our Second-to-None Guarantee: Second-to-none products. Second-to-none service. All in an effort to provide you with the world’s most authentic, delicious cuts.

Second City Prime founder Chris Maloyan


Second City Prime began with founder Chris Maloyan’s vision of bringing people and cultures together through food. His experience growing up in the kitchens of his mother’s restaurant and catering service gave him a first-class ticket to explore his passion for food. This, in addition to a love of traveling and a drive for quality, led him to conquer the world’s best meat and seafood.  

Chris brought his discoveries home to Chicagoland to share with meat lovers across the city—and now, he’s known as “The Meat Guy” to turn to for the highest quality meat and seafood anywhere, available everywhere. His favorite Second City Prime cuts are the Prime Bone-in Filet and Prime New York Strip. 

Second City Prime co-founder Susie Maloyan


Alongside Chris throughout Second City Prime’s inception was co-founder Susie Maloyan. Like Chris, Susie’s love of food and travel helped spearhead the Second City Prime model. A Chicagoan through and through, her reverence for the Second City's food scene also played a role in our origins. In fact, Susie and Chris began our catering branch after their success catering local Chicago BBQs.  

Today, Susie manages our wholesale purchases and backend finance. Her favorite Second City Prime dish is our Prime New York Strip seasoned with Second City Prime’s original seasoning, The Rub. 


Carl Meier has spent his career in and out of the food industry conducting multi-unit management for a range of restaurants. Paired with his love for all things Chicago, his experience led him straight to Second City Prime’s team. As our Operations Support & Delivery specialist, Carl manages production and inventory to keep orders moving like clockwork. Over the years, he’s enjoyed watching our company grow—and trying out our wide variety of cuts along the way.  

Outside of work, Carl spends time with his wife, son, and daughter, as well as their dogs and cats. He’s a fan of our entire product line, but has a sweet spot for our 24 oz. Ribeye. 


Our Warehouse Manager Don Shamon is a foodie at heart. It’s why he loves Chicago’s restaurant scene—and Second City Prime—so much. In his role, Don handles all customer orders as well as oversees and processes inventory. He gets a kick out of seeing how happy our products make customers and appreciates how food can bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together.  

For Don personally, nothing beats a nice steak with mashed potatoes and asparagus. It's no wonder that his favorite Second City Prime offering is our 16oz Australian Wagyu Boneless Ribeye.