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Raw Second City Prime lamb with herbs and garlic.

Domestically raised and extremely flavorful lamb with no added hormones.

    13 products
    Double-Boned Lamb Chops - Second City Prime
    Double-Boned (Colorado) Lamb Chop (2-8oz)
    Domestic Rack of Lamb - Second City Prime
    Domestic (Colorado) Rack of Lamb
    from $125.00
    Domestic Lamb Loin (Porterhouse) Chops (2 Per Pack) (8oz)
    Ground Lamb (1lb)
    Domestic Lamb Shank (Cut for Osso Buco)
    Domestic Rack of Lamb - Second City Prime
    32oz+ Australian Rack of Lamb (Frenched)
    Domestic (Colorado) Boneless Leg of Lamb
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Boneless Lamb NY Striploin (16oz)
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Frenched Bone In Lamb Rack
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Bone In Lamb Hindshank
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Boneless Lamb Spare Rib (2 pieces per pack)
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Boneless Lamb Shoulder
    Marrunga Marble (Australian) Bone In Foreshank
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