(10oz) Wagyu Skirt Steak

The Wagyu Skirt Steak is the perfect portion size for you to enjoy on your own or maybe with a special someone! It's 10 ounces of complete scrumptious Australian Wagyu - marbled to magnificence. This is when elegance meets skirt steak for an impeccable dinner.

All Second City Prime Steak & Seafood Company products come individually vacuum sealed and frozen - guaranteed in your freezer for 6-12 months.

Cut: The Diaphragm (taken from the flank)

Preferred Cooking Method: Second City Prime's preferred cooking method for the Australian Wagyu Skirt Steak is to grill it! The optimal grill temperature for this meat is 500 degrees fahrenheit. To meet your desired doneness, we recommend using a meat thermometer to keep an eye on the internal temperature of your meat.

Preferred Cooking Time: The Wagyu Skirt Steak should be grilled on high heat (500 degrees) for only 2 minutes on each side to achieve the perfect medium rare finish.

Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Cut: Australian Wagyu Skirt Steak
  • Grade: Wagyu
  • Weight: (10oz)



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