(8oz) Wagyu Filet Mignon (Marble Score: 5+)

  • Cut: Wagyu Filet Mignon
  • Grade: Australian (Rangers Valley) Wagyu - Marble Score 5
  • Weight: (8oz)

We've found the best tasting Wagyu Filet and this is it! If you're not in the mood for the richness of A5 then this is definitely the alternative. Some folks find filets to lack that fatty flavor but not this - this buttery steak is so marbled that when reverse seared and given time to break down; an explosion of flavor occurs! 

We recommend 'The Rub' but if you decide to go a different direction, a high quality Portuguese Sea Salt and Tellicherry Pepper should be the base.

Our product will ship and arrive frozen or partially thawed in an insulated shipping container. 

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