Iberico Pork Baby Back Ribs (Costilla)

You've had ribs and you love ribs but you're always looking for that next bite to say, WOW these are the best ribs I've ever had. While we agree, that it takes a good smoker and chef to prepare perfectly good ribs - the product does help too. We love our Berkshire Ribs but these Iberico Ribs take it to another level, incredibly rich and head shaking good. 

When we say rich, we mean it. We're talking 1 rack for 2 people but if you're one of us - you can handle a full rack. 

For all you competition smokers, this one's for you...

Cut: Pork Loin

Preferred Cooking Method: Second City Prime's preferred cooking method for the Iberico Pork Baby Back Ribs is and always will be SMOKIN' 

Preferred Cooking Time: This is a touchy subject, its tough for us to give guidance on smoking styles since there's a million different methods. Our best advise...low and slow and let the meat speak for itself. The flavor of the meat should do the talking with little seasoning or sauce. 

Beer Pairing: Somethin' light because these ribs are rich

  • Cut: Pork Baby Back Ribs 
  • Weight:  Approx. 1.5 - 2.25 Pounds
  • Feeds: 1-2 People Per Rack
  • Pork: Spanish Iberico


We at Second City Prime inspect every product before it ships for pinholes or punctures and make sure every item is airtight. That being said, to help prevent any damage to the packaging, we'll wrap your ribs in butcher paper for an extra added layer of protection during transit. 

Minor pinholes incurred from transit may cause the ribs to lose their vacuum seal, but will not affect the products integrity. Plus, the extra added butcher paper will help prevent any further damage from your freezer. 

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