Iberico Pork Pluma

You'll occasionally see the Iberico Pluma on the menu and wonder what it's all about...well you're about to find out. This cut boasts and incredible amount of flavor and juiciness, more then the secreto or presa. It's such a highly sought after cut due to it's limited availability. Each piece comes of the end of the pork loin and was once treated like by-product up until recently. 

Chefs soon realized it's incredibly lean profile was perfect for a pork tartare or pork alternative to a beef filet. The pluma would essentially be cured in lime juice with the addition of cilantro and bell pepper (or whichever ingredients you wanted to add to your tartare). Everything even the pluma would have to be diced, what soon followed was a melt in your mouth spoon or chip full of glory.

Cut: End of the Pork Loin

Preferred Cooking Method: Trim fat and cure with lime juice as a tartare or quickly pan sear until you've reached an internal temperature of 135-140. If searing, season lightly with salt and pepper. 

Preferred Cooking Time: Par-freeze the Pluma and let cure in lime juice for 4-6 hours. For pan sear or grilling; we recommend 1-2 minutes a side, use a instant read thermometer for desired doneness. 

Wine Pairing: German Riesling

  • Cut: Pork Pluma Weight:  Approx. 1 - 1.5 Pound 
  • Feeds: 2 - 3 People
  • Pork: Spanish Iberico

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