Poultry Brine Kit - (8oz)

Brining your turkey with our Poultry Brine Kit makes the meat more flavorful, tender, and juicy. The mix we use (compliments of The Spice House) packs flavors of orange peel, toasted onion, garlic, French-style peppercorns, and seven different herbs.

Instruction to Brine your Turkey:

Mix 2 Gallons of Cold Water with (8oz) Brine Kit - This will be enough for a turkey up to 18 pounds. We recommend using 2 kits for bigger turkeys.

Once the salt and sugar from the kit have dissolved in the water (by mixing continuously), submerge your turkey (be sure to use a cooler that will fit the turkey and the water once submerged).

Be sure your entire turkey is submerged; if it's not, add more cold water until the entire turkey is covered. (If you want to boil your water first to dissolve all the ingredients, be sure your water cools down and becomes cool before adding your turkey).

Once your turkey is submerged, let it sit (covered) in your brine for 8-18 hours. We feel that overnight is typically best. When done, remove your turkey and pat dry with paper towels then proceed to your roasting method.

If you purchase our brine kit alone, there will be a shipping charge of $6.99 for the entire Chicagoland area. The price of shipping will be waived if you purchase your turkey or other proteins with your brine kit.

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