(1lb) Wagyu Stew Meat

When we custom cut our Wagyu Bavette or Filets we sometimes get a little extra meat that doesn't form perfectly to that cuts standards. When that happens, we tend to package them into 1 pound portions of stew meat. 

As I'm sure you can assume, you can most likely eat and cook these little pieces of wagyu like any other steak but since the pieces are so inconsistent the honestly do make the best stews! The meat literally melts into the sauce/gravy and that rich beefy flavor becomes engrained into the carrots, celery and broth to follow.

Pair with the cold weather.

Cut: End of the tenderloin or sirloin 

Preferred Cooking Method: In a stew, low and slow until that meat shreds apart.

  • Cut: Wagyu Stew Meat
  • Beef Type: Australian Wagyu
  • Weight: 1 Pound Portion

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