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Second City Prime's famous Boneless Ribeye comes in not only a 10oz cut, but also a 14oz for those who like a heftier piece. The marbling and the simplicity it engulfs makes for a perfectly buttery and tender steak. Pair our Prime Boneless Ribeye with 'The Rub' for some added flavor!

All Second City Prime Steak & Seafood Company products come individually vacuum sealed and frozen - guaranteed in your freezer for 6-12 months.

Pairs well with: 'The Rub'

Cut: The Primal Section called the Beef Rib

Preferred Cooking Method: Second City Prime's preferred cooking method for the 14oz Boneless Ribeye is... grilling! The optimal grilling temperature is 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Preferred Cooking Time: The 14oz Boneless Ribeye should be grilled for about 11-13 minutes for medium rare and 14-17 minutes for medium done. Make sure your meat reaches an internal temperature of at least 140 degrees fahrenheit.

Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Cut: Boneless Ribeye
  • Grade: USDA PRIME
  • Weight: 14oz
  • Dimension: ~1.25"

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