Colorado Domestic Lamb


  • Cut: Lamb Loin Chop (Porterhouse)
  • Weight: ~7-8oz
  • Region: Domestic (Colorado)
  • Dimension: ~2inch
  • Only Available to purchase in multiples of 2; each chop is $18 (i.e. if you order 4, you will receive 2 packs - equaling 4 chops) 

Each lamb loin chop is cut at approximately 2 inches, this chop represents that of a porterhouse steak. On one side you'll get your strip and the other a filet. Don't let its size fool you, each chop is so rich that the average eater only needs one or two. Feel free to lightly coat with our 'rub' and top with a homemade rosemary creme fraiche. 

Product will ship and arrive frozen or partially frozen. Each package will have 2 chops per pack. 

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