Elk Cervena Rib Rack (8 Rib)

Elk Cervena Rib Rack (8 Rib)

Elk Cervena Rib Rack (8 Rib)

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This Cervena deer ensures you will experience some of the most tender and delicious elk meat you have ever tasted. These deer are raised naturally on the expansive farmlands of New Zealand, where they freely roam and feed on some of the purest grass available. Moreover, farmers refrain from using any hormones or steroids throughout the animals’ lives.

During harvesting, each animal is transported according to stringent standards to processing facilities that undergo bi-annual audits by an independent agency. Harvesters meticulously trim each cut to precise specifications and wet age the meat for over 21 days, resulting in the leanest and cleanest elk meat available in the market.

There are multiple methods available for preparing Frenched 8 rib racks. You can opt to slow roast the rack to extract all the flavorful juices locked within the bones, creating a delightful savory experience. Alternatively, you can slice the rack into individual portions for pan-frying or grilling.

Size: Varies (2.6-3.6 Pound)

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